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Microsoft Computer Technician, Talk Show Hos Born In Wexford Ireland, migrated to the United States when I was 4yrs old, raised in Pahrump Nevada...Graduated NSULVN.... My Grandfather was a sign painter and neon tube bender...he taught us the trade, & made claim that no machine could do what he taught us...computers took over the sign trade, shearing, bending sheet metal, sign painting became something of the past and computerized vinyl sign plotter, cutters became the signman's tool of the trade...and recently a new computerized neon tube bender, now bends neon... Since I had a full computerized sign shop, I had to learn repairs and software repairs, whenever our shear that ran on a PC stopped cutting metal... i have been in the computer trade now, for over 15 years...no longer in the sign trade...I own my own computer repair business. I have added a positive note...I am now a Talk Show Host on SOS Computer Talk Show...for baby boomers and home users.

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OH NO, I Dropped My Phone Cracked The Screen!


Oh No I Dropped My Cell Phone & Cracked The Screen

 But,   I continued using my Iphone, and I did not get it repaired soon enough & I was in for a surprise.
After a few weeks the moisture got in through the cracked  glass & after awhile the screen became fogged & on the internal electronic circuit board (Main Circuit Board) & it malfunctioned,Lost my photos and files plus costing me triple to repair it. I thought it was just a glass face to replace, Boy was I wrong- it is a digital electronic touch screen with a cable connected to  internal main circuit board.


  • Dropped your new Cell Phone or Ipad-Touchpad, only to discover the front and back glass have cracked or shattered?
  • You called your Wireless Provider, and were told they do not repair them, but can give you a new phone by extending your contract, but  only costing you double to your existing contract.
  • Your phone may have hardware damage so you called the wireless smartphone  provider (iphone, HTC, Samsung, Motorolla) stated they do not warranty a dropped cell phone’s internal hardware that has been damaged, & it’s not covered under their hardware warranty.
Let me reiterate, it’s not Apple’s responsibility to replace and/or repair an out of warranty device.
 Join the many happy customers who have purchased our newest and most popular repair, and had their cell phone or ipad back in as little as two hours as good as new!
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