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Android Market, threat to your smartphone security!

Firstly if your Google account is hacked, you have already compromised on your Smartphone.

With Google account, the hacker can do limitless things including purchasing apps from the market.

He can play number of tricks like uploading an app to the market, setting a high price of it and later purchasing it with your account.

With Google account, he has access to your services like Gmail, Youtube, Orkut, Blogger, Google Calendar AdSense, Google Docs etc. the list continues!

Having said that, we cannot say “remote installation” poses any new threat to your security.

To prevent hacking, you must keep strong passwords a combination of characters and numbers. Temper your passwords, slightly, regularly.On a windows system, keep regular check on your system and free it from virus, malwares and on Linux however, you do not need to worry about virus etc.

  •  Secondly even if we take up the fact that your Google account is hacked it is difficult to find a malicious app in the android market that perfectly follows your desired goals, like spoofing your calls, sending like contacts, sms files etc to any distant server.

  • For that I must say that Google authorities must take care of the fact that malicious apps are not uploaded to the market.



Microsoft’s Hitting the Hard Stuff

Microsoft could be developing its own Windows Phone hardware — it reportedly is working with Asian suppliers to create a new handset. While it has several partners that are bringing out Windows Phone 8 devices, including Nokia and HTC, this would be the company’s first foray into the handset market as a hardware manufacturer. [More...]



Linux Preloaded: Coming Soon to a PC Near You

It’s no secret that many here in the Linux blogosphere greeted Windows 8 with jubilation — not because they had any intention of using it, but because of the opportunity they think it represents for Linux to capture a greater proportion of mainstream users. That, indeed, was the hot topic du jour last week, but this week the conversation has shifted slightly. [More...]



Big US Banks Under Active Attack, Napolitano Warns

Hackers are actively attacking some of the largest banks in the nation, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano warned this week. Napolitano declined to go into detail about the types of breaches or what kind of information — if any — had been taken. She brought up her concern about attacks on U.S. financial institutions at a cybersecurity event.



Hold On Tight, Smartphone Mugging Is More Popular Than Ever

When you get a flashy, fancy new phone, of course you’re going to want to use it, but you better be careful how and where; new reports show smartphone theft is getting super popular. You might say this is a good reason to keep it in your pants. The problem is most prevalent, and getting worse the fastest, in urban areas. The Associated Press reports that smartphone robberies now account for nearly half of all robberies in San Francisco, as well as an impressive 40 percent here in New York City..\



How likely is a cyber ‘Pearl Harbor’?

When talking about Pearl Harbor, especially when it’s from the U.S. Defense Secretary, chances are he’s talking about some very critical event.

So it’s no surprise that when Leon E. Panetta spoke of a possible cyber-Pearl Harbor earlier this month, it made the rounds in the media. It’s clear what he meant — one huge targeted strike against U.S. infrastructural targets — but what is less certain is how likely such an event is to occur, what would happen afterward, and what type of measures can be used to prevent this in the first place?

This isn’t a new concept, and the U.S. Government, along with security researchers all over the world, have been thinking about such a major security scenario for a long time now.

An aggressor nation or extremist group could use these kinds of cyber tools to gain control of critical switches.”

Later in his speech, he also added some varying attack scenarios, saying, “They could derail passenger trains, or even more dangerous, derail passenger trains loaded with lethal chemicals.

They could contaminate the water supply in major cities, or shut down the power grid across large parts of the country.”  READ MORE>>>


Apple may phase out iPad 2 to make room for iPad Mini

The iPad 2 may be on the chopping block as Apple streamlines its iPad lineup, says an analyst with Evercore Partners.
Tablet buyers may see the iPad 2 sink away as the iPad Mini prepares to surface, says Evercore Partners analyst Rob Cihra.
Chira said he thinks Apple could phase out the iPad 2 because the company’s vision leads toward “clearer product tiers,” according to AppleInsider. Apple is expected to unveil the iPad Mini at a launch event on October 23.
Launched in March 2011, the 16GB iPad 2 is currently available through Apple at a price of $399 for the Wi-Fi only version and $529 for the Wi-Fi + 3G edition. In contrast, the new iPad starts at a price of $499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi version and shoots up to $829 for the 64GB model with Wi-Fi and 4G.
Apple has teased at a smaller iPad, using the term “we’ve got a little more to show you” on the invites for the October 23 event. But the company hasn’t yet officially announced any such device, so there’s been only speculation about it.

Apple Might Introduce a Better iPad 3 with a Lightning Adapter Next Week

We’ve seen evidence of a faster iPad 3 using the Apple A6 processor before and now 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple will announce a “refreshed version” of the full sized, 9.7-inch iPad with Retina Display at next week’s event. It looks like we might be getting a new updated iPad sooner than we thought.
This is a little confusing because this new iPad won’t be considered an iPad 4 but would be an iPad 3 with “improved internals” and the new lightning adapter. Rumors had pointed towards Apple updating their entire iOS line to include Lightning adapters, so updating the iPad 3 would make sense with that speculation.

One in five hacked logins match Microsoft Accounts

About 20 percent of compromised credentials, exposed via hacks on other service providers, match Microsoft Account logins due to password reuse

Around 20 percent of the logins found on lists of compromised credentials match those of Microsoft Accounts due to consumers using the same login details across more than one service, the company has said.


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Nov 11-2012


 Linux Ubuntu 12.10 Released, attacking Windows 8

Canonical has just released the new version of Ubuntu 12.10, also known as Quantal Quetzal. If you decide to download the new version from Ubuntu’s official webpage, you will notice a rather provocative message.

Above the download button, a slogan appears urging the users to install Ubuntu 12.10 instead of Microsoft Windows 8, not because of Ubuntu’s superiority but just to avoid the drama of Metro UI.

In a matter of fact, it says Avoid the pain of Windows 8. The all-new Ubuntu 12.10 is out now“.

If one were asked to name the reasons why choosing to use Ubuntu 12.10 over Windows 8, there will be plenty, eg. Ubuntu 12.10 beta features, Ubuntu 12.10 beta 2 sneak peek.

However the most significant part of the system, is the Linux kernel itself, while Unity desktop, dash lens and web apps are matters of secondary importance.

Thus, Ubuntu — positioned to be king of the hill — speaks in favor of all Linux distributions, offering the best alternative desktop operating system to Windows 8 disappointed users.

So if this statement comes finally true, then Ubuntu 12.10 will be the safe house protecting your PC from the storm. Right ?

Yes and No.

If you are already an Ubuntu user, it is reasonable to update your current version to the latest one.

However if you are a potential unhappy Windows 8 user, you have two options:

1) either downgrade to Windows 7 (most likely)

2) or give Ubuntu 12.10 a try.

Please notice that Windows 8 release date coincides with the release of Valve’s Steam (in beta phase), meaning that Ubuntu will be the first Linux distribution available to play games in decent graphics.


Users react to Apple’s latest software update for iPhone and iPad,& it’s not all roses

Some like the new software, while others lament missing features and reportedly reduced battery life

Announced in June, the latest major release of Apple’s iOS software for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch finally became available for download this week, in advance of Friday’s launch of the iPhone 5.



5 security Mythes With Linux Ubuntu O

Linux, unfortunately has been long surrounded by myths. Despite the speedy adoption of Linux as mainstream operating systems for enterprises particularly, the common misconceptions about Linux seem to continue. The post enlists five traditional myths about Linux, and attempts to debunk each; discussing real facts There exist mainly two schools of thoughts regarding security of Linux. One group that assumes ‘ Linux is  Proof’ and the other, advocating a completely contrary thought i.e. ‘Linux is more insecure (when compared to contenders), as it makes source code available to everyone’. Let’s investigate in detail.

Myth 1: Linux is insecure, as it makes source code available to everyone

Reality: While this is true that Linux makes Source code available to everyone to view and inspect; it is this open source nature that makes Linux superior to any proprietary OS in terms of security. As the source code is available to anyone,

Thousands of develops around the world scrutinize the source code for security pitfalls. Imagine, even at this very moment number of people are reading and making the code better.

It is far more easier to spot and fix security issues on Linux than on any closed-source platform. 

Additionally, if any security vulnerability is found on closed source platform, it cannot be readily altered to make the software secure.

On the contrary, in case of open source software, if any security hole is discovered patches are created as quickly as possible (usually within hours) therefore the security flaw doesn’t last for long enough to be exploited.

When asked about the lack of viruses known for Linux platform, the proprietary camp claims that Linux is not very popular to have viruses.

This comprises another common Myth.

Interestingly, it’s not only the proprietary camp to believe that Linux lacks virus because of its minimal alot of literature on the internet and in books we find this misconception.

 Myth 2: Linux lacks virus because it is not very popular

Many say that the purpose of virus writers is to bring massive destruction.

As Linux does not run on as many as MS’s Windows does, virus writers only target Windows to damage more and more stations.

While this might not be completely wrong, it’s not completely true too.

 Reality: Linux might not run on many, BUT it runs on most computers in very important places. All super computers run Linux.

Many notable governments have approved policies moving governmental computers to Linux. Additionally there was a huge enterprise shift from Proprietary OS to Linux in last 2000s recession.

That means Linux, too is a very charming opportunity for hackers; rather hackers would more likely to write virus for Linux than for Windows if they want to bring even more destruction (especially destruction in terms of quality then quantity!).

  • Therefore, the myth can easily be ruled out. 

Another reason that the proprietary camp gives for lesser known viruses for Linux is that Linux is an advanced OS and can only be used by professions who know how to protect their systems.

Myth3: Linux is for experts who know how to protect their system and therefore Linux does not get viruses and it generally thought as secure

It is also a common misconception that because Linux is for experts, they know well how to deal with viruses.

On the other hand, Windows, as being a simpler system is usually used by even non-technical people who are naive enough to get virus and destroy the whole system.


What is the best operating system and why?

The best desktop operating system to use depends on what its intended use will be and who will be using it.

There is no specific operating system which can be called “the best” overall, and since most current operating systems share most common and advanced features there is much debate on the topic.

A few of the most popular operating system, their pros and cons, and some of their best uses are described below.

Microsoft Windows:

  • The largest library of programs and applications.
  • Some commercial games work only with Windows and DirectX.
  • Almost all hardware has drivers which are compatible with Windows.
  • Most widely used.


  • Prone to viruses, spyware, and adware if proper steps not taken such as installation of internet security software, which reduces performance speed.
  • Requires regular maintenance to avoid system errors and reduced performance.
  • Even with maintenance, issues can slowly accumulate requiring a re-installation of Windows to restore performance and fix software issues.
  • Purchasing a Windows license/install disk can be relatively expensive
  • Windows Vista, the most recent version of Windows, has high system requirements.


  • Windows Vista has relatively high system requirements compared to its Windows XP and other operating systems.

 This has caused many individuals and businesses to continue using the older Windows XP.

  •  The two most common versions of Windows are Windows XP and Windows Vista. Vista, although it has some issues, does have some new features such as search-as-you-type search and a 3D-accelerated desktop, features up until now only found in Mac OS X and some versions of Linux.
  • With the introduction of Virtual-machine software, Windows has become a popular add-on for Mac and Linux in order allow those computers to support Windows-only software or hardware when needed.
  • The Windows market share has seen some decrease in recent years and months.

Best uses:

  • Gamers
  •  People who must use Windows-only software for work or school.
  • People or businesses looking for an inexpensive computer yet do not have the ability to use Linux.

Mac OS X:


  • Relatively simple and intuitive interface with many advanced features.
  •  Not a target for virus or malware attacks, generally: there are no Mac OS X viruses in the wild, and with its UNIX base, it is fairly resilient.
  • There are a small number of trojans (malicious software) which have been known to take effect through applications running in Mac OS X, though they are almost always found on illegal-content-based websites and are not of significant concern.
  • UPDATE 06-01012…It has been reported Apple’s OS, infected with “Trojan Password Stealer”  Banking, Emails, Social Websites, & Computer Log-on  “FLASHBACK Trojan For Apple OS “  READ MORE>>>
  • Over 600,000 Apple Pcs were infected and it’s expected to double since a large number of Microsoft and Apple O/S users do only banking to pay bills, withdraw money, & hackers are using the Flashback Trojan to Steel Passwords and clean out users savings at their bank or credit unions.

Apple’s O/S still  stable & one of the best operating software  for macs, ipads, Iphones, Ipads, but there will always be that criminal element from hackers seeking to exploit any so called 100% secure operating system for Macs, & Windows Pc’s. Apple no longer promoting  it’s O/S is Virtually Virus/Trojan’s/Spyware Free of any Infections, & on online tech news reports on Apples’ O/S, that nothing is free of virus infections on their Mac Pc’s or any manufactures Pc/Laptop,Touch Pad.

  •  Apple has begun integrating malware blacklists into Mac OS X to prevent infection.
  • Second-largest selection of software, with many high-quality Mac-only programs in existence, such as those found in iLife.
  • Although at one point software for certain tasks were not Mac-compatible, most software is now either Mac-compatible or has an equivalent that is.
  • Most advanced games have also recently became compatible with Mac OS X.
  • Reliable and high performance.


  • Limited to Apple-manufactured hardware.
  •  Some hardware does not have Mac-compatible drivers, though the number of this hardware has recently become small and negligible.
  • In some cases, it may be difficult to do cross-platform network hardware sharing for a Mac OS X based computer in a Windows network or visa-versa.
  • For example, a printer’s Mac driver may not support cross-platform printing to a Windows-connected printer, and replacement drivers may or may not exist.
  • Smaller library of applications in comparison to Windows.


  • Macs occupy the medium-range to high-end computer market and as such are not sold for the same prices of some low-end PC brands (e.g. the low-end Mac Mini costs $600 USD yet many mainstream low-end PC brand desktops can be purchased for around $400-500).

As a result, Macs are popularly considered to be more expensive than PCs, however Macs have been shown to have competitive pricing to comparable PCs (e.g. the Lenovo Thinpad X300 costs about $2,500 while the MacBook Air runs between $1,800 and $2,700 and outperforms the Thinkpad, or the Dell XPS One prices at about $150 higher than a comparable iMac.

Additionally, the following factors can cause the total price of owning a Mac to be even less compared than that of a PC: Apple iWork is relatively inexpensive compared to Microsoft Office, PCs experience hardware or software failures more frequently than Macs, increasing service and replacement costs, Macs do not require the frequently expensive internet security software subscriptions.

  • Though Mac OS X suffers from relatively very few real-world hacks, security holes in Mac OS X do exist, just like in any other operating system.
  • Also like in other operating systems, they are fixed with software updates upon their discovery.

With a relatively low market share compared to Windows, there are still individual programs which are only Windows compatible.

However, virtual machine software with a Windows installation or compatibility layer software can allow those programs to run even on a Mac.

  • The Mac has seen significant market share increases in recent years and months, something which has also increased the amount of Mac-compatible software.
  • Best uses:
  • Students who are not required to use Windows-specific software (though Windows can easily be installed to use Windows software).
  • A recent study indicated that the number of American students intending to purchase Macs neared that of Windows-based PCs.
  • Home users looking for an easy and reliable computing experience who are willing to pay more than low-end PC prices.
  • Graphic designers and photographers.
  • Scientist.

Linux and other UNIX-based:


  • Low number of viruses and other malware, similar to Mac OS X
  • Usually free
  • Large selection of Linux distributions to choose from.
  • Has a large amount of free and open source software equivalents to commercial Windows and Mac software
  • More easily customizable



How to decide should you buy an iPad or wait for the Microsoft Surface?

 Even though we still don’t know much about the Surface models, I can give you some advice, at least within certain basic parameters.
 have to admit, I didn’t expect this to be a question. The iPad is here, now, and we all know what it is in excruciating detail. On the other hand, the Microsoft Surface tablets are neither here, nor do we know much about them. We don’t know price, availability date, or even how long the battery will last.
Microsoft seems to have made enough of a splash with its recent tablet announcement that some people, particularly when it comes to business use, are asking whether to buy an iPad or wait for the Surface.
Even though we still don’t know much about the Surface models, I can give you some advice, at least within certain basic parameters. Let’s first recap what we know of the Surface.
What we know
We know that there will be two basic models of the Surface, one based on an ARM-processor variant of Windows 8 that’s essentially Microsoft’s mobile OS. This is called Windows RT. This device will ship right around when Windows 8 ships (which we think is the fall of 2012) and will only run applications available to it from the Microsoft App store.
Let’s be clear here: the Windows RT Surface is not really a Windows computer. At least not as we’ve come to know Windows computers.
Next up, though, is an Intel-based version of the Surface, and this will run full-on Windows 8. Presumably, this version will run any Windows application that will fit within its memory and processor footprint, and be as flexible as any Windows computer. This tablet is promised within three months of Windows 8′s release.



Computers on a stick (finally)

Windows To Go,” a new feature of Windows 8 that claims to allow a fully functioning copy of Window 8 to be placed on a USB stick and booted on any computer capable of running Windows.

I came across a press release this morning from a memory manufacturer touting one of its first products designed to work with “Windows To Go,” a new feature of Windows 8 that claims to allow a fully functioning copy of Window 8 to be placed on a USB stick and booted on any computer capable of running Windows.

For enterprise IT, the benefits are obvious.

Rather than purchasing and provisioning a machine for each employee, the employee can bring their own hardware, which they likely prefer to your standard-issue “grey box” machine, and boot your company-approved image from the flash drive.

Since they’re not actually booting into the OS on their machine, concerns about viruses and drivers are mitigated, as are worries about updating and supporting....READ MORE>>>


What you should know about Windows 8 security features

Ever since Microsoft committed itself to its Trustworthy Computing program, each new version of Windows has introduced new security features and significantly improved its security posture. Windows 8 is no different, but this fact appears to be lost in the coverage it has received, due mostly to the criticism aimed at its new UI and the polarizing effect it has.

Here, we will take a look at some of the different security features it will offer and in which of its editions you will find them.

Please note that Windows 8 is still in development and the features described here could be subject to change by the time it’s released.

Windows 8 base security features

These features will be available to all versions of Windows, regardless if it’s the home-oriented Windows 8 or the business-oriented Pro and Enterprise:

UEFI Secure Boot support

Despite some controversy regarding this feature because of potential problems it can cause in some scenarios, Secure Boot is a very important new security characteristic included in this version of Windows.
UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface – currently in version 2.3.1) is intended to replace the traditional BIOS (Basic Input Output System) as the next-generation firmware interface for


Ubuntu 12.04 vs. Windows 8: Five points of comparison

Windows 8 Metro vs. Ubuntu 12.04 Unity
2012 has already seen a major update of what’s arguably the most important Linux desktop: Ubuntu 12.04 and we’re also seeing the most radical update of Windows with Windows 8 Metro coming since Windows 95 replaced Windows 3.1. So, which will end up the better for its change?
1. Desktop interface
Ubuntu replaced the popular GNOME 2.x interface with Unity when their developers decided the GNOME 3.x shell wasn’t for them. Some people, like the developers behind Linux Mint, decided to recreate the GNOME 2.x desktop with Cinnamon, but Ubuntu took its own path with Unity.
In Unity’s desktop geography, your most used applications are kept in the left Unity Launcher bar on the left. If you need a particular application or file, you use Unity’s built-in Dash application.
Dash is a dual purpose desktop search engine and file and program manager that lives on the top of the Unity menu Launcher.
Its drawback, for Ubuntu power-users, is that it makes it harder to adjust Ubuntu’s settings manually.
On the other hand, most users, especially ones who are new to Ubuntu, find it very easy to use. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, has made it clear that regardless of whether you use Ubuntu on a desktop, tablet or smartphone the Unity interface is going to be there and it’s going to look the same.

Making Sense of the confusing world of Windows 8

Ready to jump into Windows 8? As if the switch from the Windows 7 interface to the Windows 8 way of doing things wasn’t bad enough, deciding what type of Windows 8 or Windows RT device to purchase is another challenge.

Can you have too much choice? It’s an old adage, and I’m beginning to feel it again as I ponder what to do about getting started with Windows 8, which launches October 26. Do I want a tablet, slate, convertible, laptop, or laptop with touch screen? Where does Windows RT fit in? There are so many choices that I feel almost paralyzed in deciding. As a first step, which I hope will be useful to others, I’ve tried to organize the options.

Microsoft’s lack of guidance
Let me start with some background and perspective. Windows 8 is a huge change, putting Windows on an array of devices and opening up choices many consumers simply haven’t had to ponder before. Choice can be good, but it can also be overwhelming. Sadly, Microsoft doesn’t seem to be making this easy.


NOTE:What Windows RT Can’t Do

Windows RT- What does It Mean???


BlackBerry users targeted with malware-serving email campaign

Security researchers from Websense have intercepted a currently spamvertised malicious campaign, attempting to trick BlackBerry users into downloading and executing the malicious .zip archive.

Read More>>>>


Localized Dorkbot malware variant spreading across Skype

Summary: Security researchers from Avast have intercepted a currently spreading Darkbot malware campaign, that’s affecting millions of Skype users.

Security researchers from Avast have intercepted a currently spreading Darkbot malware campaign, that’s affecting millions of Skype users.

The malware spreads by messaging all of your contacts with a bogus “new profile picture message“. It targets all the major Web browsers, and is also capable of distributing related malware such as Ransomware/LockScreen, as well as steal accounting data for major social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, as well as related services such as GoDaddy, PayPal and Netflix.

What’s particularly worth emphasizing on in regard to this malware variant, is that the messages used by the cybercriminals behind it have been localized to 31 different languages, with the malicious attackers relying on the GetLocaleInfo API function to ensure that they’ve properly geolocated the host.




If you are tired of cleaning off Viruses, Trojans, Spyware-using Microsoft Windows XXX..

Then it is time for a change in Operating Software From Linux Ubuntu…

No more Running Anti-Virus -Spyware, Popup Blockers, Worries of Hacks and Security Issues-


Installing Ubuntu is as easy as clinking on a link, no more worries on installing PCs hardware, once your name brand printer, usb device, camera, blue tooth, wireless router is plugged in…all loads up automatically…

For Surfing the Internet, Your Choices Are Google Chrome or Firefox…

Free Office By Libre Office (Open Office)

Comments on Unbuntu:

  • I use Linux Ubuntu 12-04 to because no sports are block on internet TV…all NFL & Pro Football Games I Can Watch For free

  •  I use ubuntu because It made me forget what a virus was.”

  • I use Ubuntu because I need a system that is easy to set up and maintain for the family, that allows them to do what they need and want easily, quickly and without a lot of input.”Drew Kwashnak

  •  I use Ubuntubecause it allows me to be in full control over my computers: it looks, talks and reacts exactly like I tell it to.” Radu Cotescu, via Twitter



25 Reasons to use Ubuntu Linux instead of Windows

Lots of people argue why I should use Linux (any distro, I prefer Ubuntu) when I am currently using Windows or Mac.

Given a chance to select your choice of operating system (OS), people may prefer to use Linux than anything else.

The other thing which prevents users using Linux is the hardware support which is was not that good for older Unbuntu 9.01 & 11.0 versions of Ubuntu Linux.

Comment…Using the newer version of Ubuntu 12.04 loads all proprietary 3rd party software or can be downloaded at Ubuntu Software website.

FYI. Using a qualified technician @ Compu-Tek of Tampa Bay, LLC- for under $100 can assure you of a easy install of all hardware and software upgrades...plus run MS Windows Apps, Quicken, Quick Books with WINE>

But that is because we have been living in a world where Windows is being forced to everyone when they buy PC. That’s why hardware manufacturers are also forced to support Windows first than any other thing. But this support has increased tremendously over last couple of years.



Samsung announces the Galaxy S3 Mini

 Offers Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on a budget

 KOREAN PHONE GIANT Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini today as expected, which will be coming to the UK soon.

Sadly, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini isn’t quite what fans had hoped for, sporting a 1GHz dual-core processor despite expectations for a quad-core chip. Still, the phone does feature a decent 4in 480×800 Super AMOLED touchscreen display and runs the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Offering a pint-sized alternative to Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S3 smartphone, the Galaxy S3 Mini also features a 5MP rear-facing camera with flash, a VGA front-facing camera, either 8GB or 16GB of internal storage, a 1500mAh battery and support for 4G connectivity, hinting that it might be made available through EE.



 Ipad mini launch on October 23 claim insiders

 Apple’s much-rumored iPad mini will make its official debut at an event on October 23, new rumors suggest, preceding Microsoft’s Windows 8 launch by just a few days

Although initially tipped to take place next week, with invites said to be going out this past Wednesday, Apple failed to make a squeak about a new event.

That prompted some suggestions that unforeseen supply chain issues had delayed Apple’s production of the smaller tablet, though according to these sources that’s not actually the case.

Hardware-wise, the new iPad mini is expected to use a 7.85-inch LCD IPS display, running at the same 1024 x 768 resolution as the original iPad and iPad 2. That would slot it in-between the iPod touch and the 9.7-inch existing iPad in terms of size. A Lightning connector also seems inevitable.



Amazon Kindle Fire HD review

 Last year Amazon entered the tablet and hardware market on an entirely different level with their Kindle Fire tablet.

 Now just 10 short months later we have a completely evolved product from the retail giant.

 Today we’re taking a look at the new Kindle Fire HD 7-inch tablet. Everything you didn’t like about the original (including that Playbook styling) has been improved for round two so lets take a look and see how it does.

Meet the Kindle Fire HD. This time around everything’s been completely improved. It’s faster, more powerful, lighter, thinner, and even looks a bit better too. The styling has seen a massive change from the original, and the curved edges and aluminum band around back gives it some character. No longer is this just a black squared rectangle that wishes it ran Android.



 People Who Already Somehow Broke Their iPhone 5

Even though the iPhone 5′s aluminum backing removed the odds of shattering the glass by 50%, some people will always be on the wrong side of the odds. These are those people. Those poor, unfortunate, unlucky souls who have already broken their brand new iPhone 5 after only a week. I don’t want to jinx myself here—I’m totally jinxing myself here—but I’ve never been on the other end of a shattered iPhone before.



 iPhone 5 ‘Problems’ Explained

Alex Washburn/Wired

Many issues seem to be plaguing new iPhone 5 owners.

But are they actual problems you should be concerned about?

  1. Apple has a new iPhone, which of course means it’s time to find problems to harp about.

It happens with every new iPhone.

  1. Remember Antennagate?

  1. How about the battery issues with iOS 5?

This time around we’ve got nicked cases, lens flare and, of course, the disaster of Maps.

But are these really problems, or are people making such a fuss because it’s, well, Apple?

Some of them are complete non-issues, but there are some actual problems. Lets break it down…

 Scratches and chips

 Shortly after iPhone 5′s started arriving in the mail, some noticed their svelte new handset was chipped right out of the box….READ MORE>>>>


Android accessibility options for vision and hearing impaired

You might have end users within your company that have either hearing or vision issues. For those users, special consideration must be taken to meet their technology needs.

The need for accessibility doesn’t stop at the users’ desktops, because they must be able to leverage technology like any other employee. Thankfully, most smartphones are capable of enabling the user with needs beyond the norm, so that the device works with them, not against them.

The newest iterations of Android (especially the Verizon-branded Samsung Galaxy S III) offer a number of features that can easily“enable the mobile device for those with hearing or vision issues”.

Built-in accessibility settings

Out of the box, Android 4.0 can do the following:

  •  Speak passwords (speak passwords as you type them)
  • Manage call answering/ending (use a physical button to end calls)
  • Screen timeout (how long before the screen goes blank)


 Google’s new Galaxy Nexus: a phone with a soul

 Joshua Topolsky

Dozens of new smartphones are vying for consumers’ attention. Google’s highly anticipated Galaxy Nexus made its debut in Hong Kong this week.

Google wants your phone to make you a superhero, to make you more powerful and to make you smarter.

On top of all that, Google wants you to love your phone, too. Apparently, love is an emotion the company has found lacking when it comes to its Android line of smartphones.

How is it possible the public has failed to fall in love with devices called Droids? Devices that are advertised primarily in violent television spots that seem to indicate the phone is as likely to put you in a meat grinder as it is to help you find directions to the nearest deli?



Apple Stops Calling Its Maps “The Most Powerful”

Following Apple CEO Tim Cook’s candid admission that Apple Maps might not be so great, and his suggestion that users turn to competing services, Apple has cleaned up one final detail: they aren’t calling their maps the most powerful any more.


Topics 09-23-12

Penny Auction Are They For Real-Ipad $29.99?

Bidding Online For An Ipad, Iphone Or Any Cheap Electronic Device Has Its Perks…But Sparks Lots Of Questions…

We answer those for you today…or click on the Buycheapr.com Web Link below..



Verizon Rolling Out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to Galaxy Nexus

Verizon Wireless today announced that it is rolling out the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The Galaxy Nexus will be the first Verizon smartphone to get the upgrade to Jelly Bean, the carrier said.

Verizon said the update will be “pushed out in phases” starting today, but only when a user is connected to Wi-Fi.

Jelly Bean comes with new features like offline voice typing, auto arranging of icons, and a predictive keyboard. It also sports Google Now, a richer use of the company’s Knowledge Graph.

Google Now can memorize your normal commute from home to work and back, then provide alternate routes if it detects traffic.



 iPhone 5 launch misses two key business wishes

Apple’s big product launch last week didn’t provide all the announcements that business users were hoping for, and it offered one that nobody particularly wanted in the Lightning Connector.

The Lightning connector

Don’t kid yourself. Let’s call it what it is. The Lightning connector isn’t so much a porting innovation as it is a perfect illustration of how Apple occasionally disrupts accepted standards. Regardless of the inconvenience the “innovation” presents to Apple’s customer base, the company has decided it’s time to introduce a new standard. Apple’s done so before.

 Where’s the 13″ MacBook Pro Retina display?

Apple sells far more 13″ laptops than it does larger models. The firm’s even bailed on producing its 17″ laptop. But currently the Retina display (available on the iPhone,




How Apple Got the iPhone’s Battery Problems Right, And Siri Problems


Apple’s new iPhones are having some stumbles out of the gate: recently the new iOS 5 was revealed to suck down more battery than anyone predicted, and the voice-command feature, Siri, became so popular it seems to have stunned Apple’s servers.

Apple’s response to one problem, but not the other, is typical of the company.

 I think Apple did the right thing with the battery-life issue, but I’m frustrated by its lack of a public explanation for the Siri problems—and yes, the two issues are different and require different approaches.

The iOS 5 battery drain problem seems to be a complex interaction between a phone’s software, a mobile network, and location.

We’ve seen bugs like this on phones before; remember how some of Samsung’s Galaxy S devices initially had serious GPS flaws?

It can take a while to pinpoint where the problem lies….



 iPhone 5: price, 4G and everything else you need to know

Apple has confirmed the price, specs and release date of the iPhone 5. Here’s everything you need to know, including 4G availability on EE.

What does it look like?

The Apple iPhone 5 looks a lot like the iPhone 4S but it’s thinner, by 18 per cent, and lighter, by 20 per cent. The screen is taller too, at 4-inches corner to corner, but the phone, held in portrait mode, is the same width. Instead of a glass back, the iPhone 5 back and sides are made from a single piece of aluminium.

What about the camera?

Though the camera is still 8-megapixels, Apple says that performance will be improved by the new A6 processor. The iPhone 5 also has better low-light performance and a new panorama mode.

Can I get 4G if I get an iPhone 5?

The iPhone 5 will work on EE, the new 4G network from the company formerly known as Everything Everywhere.

That network will launch within the next few weeks but prices and speeds are yet to be confirmed.

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Apple iPhone 5: Earphones redesigned for the new phone

 Apple have unveiled new earphones known as ‘EarPods’ to replace their traditional, circular earbuds

Apple have said that the earphones are designed to rest comfortably inside-and stay inside- a variety of ear types.

They also claim that the audio quality is apparently of such a high quality that they rival high-end headphones that count hundreds of pounds more.



Latest Apple iTunes targets the Cloud

Apple has rolled out its new iTunes app for both the Mac and PC.

The latest version of the music player – due in October as a free download – features a completely redesigned player, seamless integration with iCloud and a new user interface (UI).

“With iCloud integration, your music, movie and TV purchases made on any of your iOS devices or computers is conveniently displayed in your iTunes library on your Mac or PC, available anytime you want them,” explained Apple exec Eddy Cue.

“The redesigned iTunes Store, App Store and iBookstore have been rethought to make buying your favorite content on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC simpler than ever.”



Ahead of the Bell: Amazon’s Kindle Fire

Friday is the day the smaller versions of Amazon.com Inc.’s new Kindle Fire tablet computers become available.

The devices represent Amazon’s latest challenge to Apple and its iPad tablets, although larger models that are closer in size to the iPad won’t be out until November.

The basic, 7-inch Fire model will cost $159, down from $199 for the original model, which sold out last month. Amazon says it is 40 percent faster, comes with twice the memory and has a longer battery life than the old….




First look: Kindle Paperwhite an easy read

The new Kindle Paperwhite electronic reader that Amazon announced on Thursday.

Amazon didn’t provide review units.

But it is immediately obvious the first time you pick up the thin and light reader and look at its impressive display that these new Kindles are very sweet.

As a conventional monochrome e-reader, Paperwhite may not have the sex….



Ubuntu 12.04 vs. Windows 8: Five points of comparison

The leading Linux desktop and the number one desktop of all, Windows, are both undergoing radical transformations, but which will be the better for it?


Windows 8 Metro vs. Ubuntu 12.04 Unity


2012 has already seen a major update of what’s arguably the most important Linux desktop: Ubuntu 12.04 and we’re also seeing the most radical update of Windows with Windows 8 Metro coming since Windows 95 replaced Windows 3.1. So, which will end up the better for its change?


1. Desktop interface


2. Applications


  1. Security


  1. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


  1. A first look at Ubuntu 12.04 (Gallery)





If my mother-in-law can use Ubuntu Linux, anyone can!

Enough is enough; you don’t need to be a tech.

 You do not have to be a geek to use Linux!.

If my 79-year old mother-in-law can use the Ubuntu Linux desktop, anyone can.

One of the great Linux desktop myths is that it’s hard to use.

People still think that you need to be some kind of mad computer wizard to use Linux. What nonsense.

Desktop Linux has been as easy to use as any of the mainstream desktop operating systems for over a decade.

How easy is it?

My 79-year old mother-in-law, can use it.

She came for a short visit a week ago with her Windows laptop, but without her power cord.

So, she needed a computer of her own.

As I went down to garage/server room/spare computer storage locker,

One of the great Linux desktop myths is that it’s hard to use.

People still think that you need to be some kind of mad computer wizard to use Linux.

What nonsense.

Desktop Linux has been as easy to use as any of the mainstream desktop operating systems for over a decade. How easy is it?

My 79-year old mother-in-law, Milda, can use it.

She arrived a few weeks ago with her Windows laptop, but without her power cord. So, she needed a computer of her own. As I went down to garage/server room/spare computer storage locker, “What the heck, if Sean Os  father-in-law could pick up Ubuntu Linux in 2007 at the age of 71, why not my mother-in-law at 79 in 2012!”

So, I grabbed a Dell Inspiron laptop, and I installed the latest Ubuntu 12.04 beta on it.

Canonical always claimed its Unity interface was easy to use and I thought it was too, but let’s see how someone who’s only used Windows could do with it.

A first look at Ubuntu Linux 12.04′s Unity desktop (Gallery)

Once installed and hooked into my Wi-Fi network, I sat down with her, and I explained how to open applications.

Actually, she didn’t need my explanation.

She could see that she needed to click the applications on the left sidebar to start them at a glance.

I then showed her how to login to her computer–no auto logins allowed in my house, not even on Linux systems!–and sat back to see how she’d do with it.


The answer: Just fine. For over three weeks she used Ubuntu, without any instruction or hand-holding.

That’s a good thing because you see, she speaks almost no English, and I speak almost no German, her native language. My wife’s our translator.

What did she do with it?

She wrote a little bit on LibreOffice, but she spent most of her time on the Web with Firefox.

She watched her Seifenoper (German-language soap operas), and e-mailed her friends.

She did have one “technical” problem though.

She lost the sound once on a YouTube video.

It turns out she’d clicked on the Web page’s mute button.

She could have worked that out on her own, but the icon was too small for her to see.

Indeed, one of the things she liked about Unity

That was it.

Three weeks went by.

She spent three to four hours a day on her computer and-this is the important part-she never had any trouble what-so-ever with it.

  •  Desktop Linux? Hard?

I don’t think so and neither does she.

 Recommendation: Down Load On To A Burnable CD…From Google UBUNTU 12.04, You Can Run It Off A CD & Not Install It (its Free)



Samsung Galaxy S4 Coming in February

According to Korea Times, the follow up to the popular Galaxy S III will have a 5-inch display (up from the Galaxy S III’s 4.8-inch screen).

As expected in a next-generation smartphone, the device will feature the best hardware and software Samsung has to offer.

 The S4 will see some external changes but retain its popular rectangular shape with rounded corner concept,’’ the official said.



Latest iPhone hacked to blab all your secrets

By Anna Leach •

Dutch hackers have exploited a WebKit bug in mobile web browser Safari to rinse an iPhone 4S of its photos, address book contacts and its browser history.

The flaw exists in Apple’s iOS 5.1.1 and the latest developer preview of iOS 6, the first public build of which was released last night to fanbois.

It should thus affect iPhones, iPads and modern iPods – including the iPhone 5 due out tomorrow.

The vulnerability could also exist in BlackBerry and Android phones, which also use the WebKit engine in their built-in web browsers, although the hack hasn’t been tested on these platforms….




NEWS BRIEF 09-16-12

Brand-new PCs found preloaded with malware

Microsoft has discovered that cybercriminals within the hardware supply chain have been pre-installing malware on PCs in China so that they were infected before they were even taken out of the box.

Retailers, the company discovered, were selling computers loaded with counterfeit versions of Windows software with the Nitol malware embedded.

“What’s especially disturbing is that the counterfeit software embedded with malware could have entered the chain at any point as a computer travels among companies that transport and resell the computer,” says Richard Domingues Boscovich, assistant general counsel in Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit.

As many as twenty percent of the PCs researchers bought from an unsecure supply chain were infected with malware, which was capable of spreading through devices such as USB flash drives.



NEWS 09-16-12

Microsoft struggles with viruses, counterfeit software

WASHINGTON (AP) – A customer in Shenzhen, China, took a brand new laptop out of its box and booted it up for the first time.

 But as the screen lit up, the computer began taking on a life of its own. The machine, triggered by a virus hidden in its hard drive, began searching across the Internet for another computer.

 The laptop, supposedly in pristine, super-fast, direct-from-the-factory condition, had instantly become part of an illegal, global network capable of attacking websites, looting bank accounts and stealing personal data.

 For years, online investigators have warned consumers about the dangers of opening or downloading files emailed to them from unknown or suspicious sources.

 Now, they say malicious software and computer code could be lurking on computers before the bubble wrap even comes off.




Scammers swarm through phone lines

The new motto for high-tech thieves may well be, “Reach out and swindle someone.”


Cellphones have made it easier to stay in touch, but they have also brought everyone closer to scam artists and tricksters, who are just a few numbers away from separating you from thousands of dollars


Anyone with a phone number is a target, and there is no shortage of flim-flam schemes. Here’s a look at some scams happening now across the nation:


Jailhouse jingles.

An inmate calls collect from jail and tricks you into dialing a number starting with *72. But *72 activates call forwarding, giving control of your phone to the inmate — who then makes long-distance phone calls or racks up fees on 900 numbers on your bill.


Election scam.


The phone scammer asks you to take a voter survey and says that at the end, you will get a free cruise. When you complete the bogus survey, the scammer asks for a debit or credit card number for port fees.




NEWS 09-16-12

Watch NFL games the virus-free way



At $249, the iPad Mini would be hard to stop, says analyst

An inexpensive iPad Mini could reset the 7-inch-class tablet market, an analyst tells CNET.

Will Apple lowball the iPad Mini?

That’s a crucial question for competitors staring down the barrel of a smaller Apple tablet, an analyst told CNET.

The answer comes down to whether Apple wants to “crush the opposition” or just maintain dominance, said Rhoda Alexander, an analyst at IHS iSuppli. “And the price point would be how they do that,” she said.

While a $299 price tag “would sit in a more comfortable place as far as a profit,” Alexander believes Apple could go as low as $249 for an entry level model.

At the high end, $349 is price Alexander often hears.

That model would come with 4G LTE.




Sam Cracchiolo’s Top Pics For Todays Topics


Water Resistant Cell Phones Tablets


Facial Recongition



Sam Cracchiolo

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On Air Studio Engineer
Salem Communications, Tampa/Sarasota

Guest Talk Show Host





Today 08-19-12 Topics

Ubuntu Linux – Frequently Asked Questions


 Are you Tried of Cleaning Up Viruses, Trojans, Spyware Off Microsoft Windows? Tired Of Microsoft Xp Vista or Windows 7 Slow Booting,Slow Connection To The Internet…Or Freezing Up?

There Is A Solution Using Linux Free Operating System, Make A Older or Anchant Pc Run Super Fast…Read Below & You May Never Use Windows Again!

There is a saying out there that goes something like:

“The primary reason Microsoft Windows suffers so much from the threat of viruses and hackers is because it is the most widely used operating system.”

This is partially correct, but this explanation doesn’t lend any credence to the bigger picture. Microsoft Windows is, in terms of programming and architecture, a sloppy and inefficient design.

Evidence of this has been visited on nearly every Windows user at least once in their life, and perhaps multiple…



The best smartphone? According to Siri, it’s not the iPhone 4S

Ask your iPhone 4S what the best smartphone is, and you’ll get a surprising answer



Review: Apple iPad 2

Apple’s buzzworthy tablet does the previously unimaginable for some people, but not nearly enough for others…

The iPad 2 improves on its predecessor in some key ways — size, weight, and speed — while adding only a few features unavailable on the first iPad model.

The addition of front and rear video cameras is welcome, as is the option to connect to Verizon’s mobile data network instead of AT&T’s.

Apart from those changes, the device is exactly the same, so it’s hard to recommend that you purchase an iPad 2 if you already own an iPad.

It’s not as if the first model wasn’t thin or light enough to be both functional and stylish, and while the improved speed will make games and video faster

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 What to expect from the next iPhone

Peer into Apple’s iPhone 5 crystal ball with us

As the rumor mill gears up, it’s time to take inventory of what we should expect to see from Apple’s next smartphone.

Apple is a rumor magnet among tech companies, but don’t believe everything you hear.

Here’s what we think you should expect from the next iPhone and the logic behind it.

Will Apple’s next pocketable sensation be called the iPhone 5? When will it go on sale? And most importantly, why should you get excited now?

4G will leave 3G in the dust
In terms of design and elegance, the iPhone remains light years ahead of nearly all of the competition.

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Best of Mountain Lion:

Take a visual prowl through the newest OS X
Take Apple’s latest Mac operating system for a spin before you make the leap

Get ready for it. The newest operating system for Mac has prowled onto the scene, and it packs some big changes. Mountain Lion is Apple’s latest version of OS X, the software that powers everything from the iMac to the MacBook Air.





Tablets: Why the middle-aged are their biggest fans

The older generation, those aged 45 plus, are leading the shift towards tablet computing and away from PCs, and not – contrary to received wisdom – millennials, according to research.

The cliché is that the rise of the tablet – and demise of the PC – is being driven by keyboard-phobic millennials. But it seems that in the UK it is the middle-aged who are most likely to turn their backs on traditional computers in favour of a slate.

In a survey of households, 45 to 54-year-olds were the most likely age group to own a tablet, with the 35 to 44-year-olds just behind.

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Twitter users freak out over $800 iPhone 5 rumor

Don’t worry, Apple’s next smartphone won’t set you back eight bills

What will the iPhone 5 cost? Well, those that follow this type of thing — like us — know that such information won’t be revealed until Apple announces the device a little later this year.

But that hasn’t stopped Twitter users from working themselves into a tizzy over a rumor that the next iconic handset will cost a whopping $800.

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CURRENT iPhone prices have been slashed

According to a leaked screengrab hosted up at MacRumors, Apple retail shops now have the authority to price match carrier and rival retail discounts on iPhone. Specifically, the note informs employees that prices from Best Buy, “carriers,” Radio Shack and Target can be matched, with $49.01 seeming to be the savings across the board.


New iPhone 5 battery specs leaked

Alleged iPhone 5 battery photos reveal bump in capacity

Buyers of the next iPhone may get a bit more juice out of the battery.

An image of the new battery sent to and posted by blog site 9to5Mac shows a capacity of 1440 mAh, a bit higher than the 1430 mAh on the iPhone 4S and the 1420 mAh on the iPhone 4, according to iPhone repair shop iFixYouri.

The battery’s voltage has also received a small kick, jumping to 3.8 from the 3.7 on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

The Most Popular Samsung Phone isn’t what you think it is!

For two years, from June 2010 through June 2012, Samsung sold 21.25 million phones. Its most popular model during that span?

Not a Galaxy S II phone, not a Nexus phone but the not exactly vaunted… Samsung Galaxy Prevail on Boost Mobile. How do we know this?

Because of the Apple-Samsung court battle. Samsung and Apple lawyers had to file documents to the court that detailed the breakdown of their phone and tablet sales which revealed some previously private information to the public….



 Apple iPhone and iPad on track to be the most popular gaming platforms of all time

Move over Playstation; forget Nintendo — the smartphone is king

Sure, it’s not unusual to have fond memories of kicking turtle shells on the Nintendo Entertainment System, or watching Sonic the Hedgehog grab that all important 100th ring on the Sega Genesis. Both the NES and Genesis were terrific consoles, but does either hold the title of “most popular of all time?

” Not according to new data that suggests Apple’s Game Center has 130 million users, enough to put Apple iOS on track to become the most popular gaming platform of all time by the end of the year.

Read more at http://www.tecca.com/news/2012/08/08/ios-most-popular-gaming-platform/#siqURMpTjmS4q83r.99pple iPhone and iPad on track to be the most popular gaming platforms of


Pictures of 7-Inch iPad Casing Leak

Alleged images of 7-inch iPad shell appear from the east

Hey, did you hear…???

Apple is making a 7-inch iPad. Well, the top brass at least thought about it, this much we know. What might it look like if it ever comes to be? Well, if you’re willing to be a bit skeptical, it might look like the above.



iPhone Viruses: First Trojan malware appears on the Apple App Store

 Opinion : I hear People Say, I put my Windows PC or Laptop Away To Feel Safe From Hacking & Viruses, Key-loggers, Using My Iphone, Or Any Smartphone with either Apples Ios or Android Software, Doing On Line Banking…


After five good years, Russian hackers slip a Trojan horse through Apple’s defenses.

It’s important to remember that your smartphone or touch pad is powered by a tiny computer, and it’s still vulnerable to the sort of attacks that can plague your laptop or desktop machine.



Android NFC technology can be hacked

A research consultant has revealed to Ars Technica that he can force NFC-equipped Android and Nokia phones to run malicious code in several ways — but only with specific devices and constraints. The first violation used the near-field Google Beam function, but only affected certain NFC phones running ICS or Jelly Bean




 Google is cracking down on harmful apps

Mario Aguilar
Google just introduced new content restrictions for apps in Google Play in hopes that it can crack down on the malicious apps that pollute the Android ecosystem.

For the longest time, Google Play, like the Android Market before it, has been an unregulated wilderness, so it’s a good thing Google’s drawing a line in the sand.

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 Android 2.3 upgrade list: Is your phone getting Gingerbread?

After months of warming in the oven, Google’s Android 2.3 operating system — better known as Android Gingerbread — is finally starting to make its way to handsets around the world.

Android 2.3 provides faster speed, better battery life, and a refreshed user interface. It also introduces a new and improved keyboard with a more intelligent cut-and-paste system…



Windows XP and Vista: No Office 2013 for you

Microsoft bars 55% of all current Windows PCs from running the newest suite…


Microsoft confirmed yesterday that the new Office 2013 will not run on older PCs powered by Windows XP or Vista.


“The new Office will work with Windows 7 and Windows 8,” a Microsoft spokesperson said Monday in an email reply to questions about Office 2013 and Office 365. “Vista or XP will not support the new Office.”




Google starting their own TV/Internet services

Google just kicked its Google Fiber efforts into overdrive. The company’s Kansas City effort is getting a full launch and now includes Google Fiber TV — a “real” TV service with recognizable channels and its own, fully searchable interface that mixes DVR results with Netflix and YouTube. As many as 500 shows can be stored in full 1080p HD, and several TVs within the home can tune in at the same time.




Nexus 7 tablet: Video and first impressions


It’s light. It’s not just that I’m used to an iPad; this device really seems lighter than it looks. In fact,

“It’s light!” is one of the most common refrains I’ve heard around the office today as colleagues have stopped in to check it out.

It’s sleek. I’m pretty finicky when it comes to tablet design: I didn’t even want an iPad until the slimmed-down iPad 2 came out. Form factor is also important for a 7-inch device…


Watch Video>>>


 Comment On Replacing Cracked Iphone Ipad, Ipad Digital Screens

There Is more About The Digital Glass…It is not just Glass, It is an Electronic Piece…The Digitizer is connected to The LCD Screen With a Special Cable Connected To The Main Circuit Board

Did You know If you Drop and Crack the Screen On Most Hand held devices, Specially Iphone You Void Your Warranty…

We will Show Dropping Your Smartphone or May Have Unseen Intrior Damage To The Electronic Components. I have Personally Cracked Open An Ipad and Found Other Hidden Damage (Even Though The Ipad or Iphone Worked With Cracked Screen)…

Although the phone was still under its original warranty, according to Apple’s iPhone Service FAQ the “Limited Warranty for iPhone excludes coverage for damage resulting from accident, disassembly, unauthorized service and unauthorized modifications.” The other Apple option was to get Out-of-Warranty service, which costs $199 and results in a replacement (refurbished or new) iPhone. 

Watch Video On How To Change Cracked Iphone 4 Screen 

Warning repairing cracked screens takes a pro and lots of patients, Screws Inside are smaller the an Ants paw.

Iphone Cracked Screens Starting @ $49.95

Ipad Cracked Screen Repair Starting @ $99.95

Iphone Ipad, Ipad Cracked Screen Repair-Compu-Tek of Tampa Bay, LLC

How To Replace Cracked Screens On Ipad 2

Watch Video How To Replace Cracked Screen On Ipad


 Samsung denied a second time, Galaxy Tab ban stands

You can’t blame ‘em for trying, but it’s no surprise that Samsung’s second attempt to put a hold on the impending American ban of its Galaxy Tab failed. Judge Koh has already say the preliminary injunction could not wait while the Korean company pursued an appeal, and now the Court of Appeals is backing her up.



Fingerprints Magically Fade Away On 3M’s New Screen Protectors

If you’d rather spend your time actually using your touchscreen tablet, instead of wasting hours buffing away fingerprints, 3M’s new Natural View Fingerprint Fading Screen Protectors might be just up your alley since—like an old soldier—fingerprints will just fade away. The company’s a little vague on how exactly its new technology works—most likely because the protectors are probably covered in some magical




Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) review: A nice price, but where’s the ‘wow’?

Samsung’s latest 7-in. tablet is a pretty good device at a really good price — but before you buy, there are a few things you should know.

Android devices — both smartphones and tablets — are getting increasingly affordable. With its new Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) tablet, which goes on sale on April 22 for $250, Samsung is obviously hoping to claim its piece of the budget-price pie.

  • However, while the price is new and noteworthy, there’s not much else about the tablet that’s fresh or exciting.

Don’t get me wrong: The Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) is a perfectly fine device



BlackBerry 10 gets voice commands in latest dev update

Those lucky enough to have their hands on a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device were treated to a nice little software update this week. While some were having trouble just getting it installed, others were able to fire it up pretty quick and found a nice surprise waiting for them — voice controls. Hold down the play/pause button on the side and you’ll be prompted to speak a command



Windows XP and Vista: No Office 2013 for you

Microsoft bars 55% of all current Windows PCs from running the newest suite

Microsoft confirmed yesterday that the new Office 2013 will not run on older PCs powered by Windows XP or Vista.

“The new Office will work with Windows 7 and Windows 8,” a Microsoft spokesperson said Monday in an email reply to questions about Office 2013 and Office 365. “Vista or XP will not support the new Office.”

Users running those operating systems will not be able to advance beyond Office 2010, the suite that launched about seven months after Windows 7.




Google’s Nexus 7 Selling Out at Key Retailers

By Damon Poeter

The Nexus 7 is selling like hotcakes at various brick-and-mortar retail outlets in its first weekend of general release, with some retailers already reporting that the 7-inch Android tablet built by Google and Asus is out of stock.

GameStop, Sam’s Club, and Staples were listing the device as out of stock as of Friday,



Amazon’s “Kindle Phone” killer feature: A dumbed-down Android experience?

If Amazon does indeed develop an Android smartphone, then the likes of Samsung, HTC and Sony need to be prepared for their sales to fall.

According to the Bloomberg report, Chinese ODM giant Foxconn is working with Amazon to create an Android smartphone. People with “knowledge of the matter” claim that Amazon is also looking to acquire patents that cover wireless technology



Amazon’s Kindle Fire Gets A Taste Of Jelly Bean Thanks To Beta ROM

Well, today’s shaping up to be a banner day for Kindle Fire owners.

If the news of some nifty features for Kindle Fire games isn’t enough to get owners hot and bothered, how about a nice dose of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean?

Android developers and hackers have been working feverishly ever since Google released Jelly Bean to the Android Open Source Project repository two days ago, and it wasn’t long before a ROM for the Kindle Fire was pushed out into the world.

Needless to say, things are still a little… rough at this point.

The folks on the xda-developer forums noted early on that the flashed Fires had trouble connecting to Wi-Fi networks (a fix was soon found, though it requires users to be handy with the Android Debug Bridge command line tool, and some confusion about which version of the Google Apps installer package to use left some users without access to the Google Play Store.


Watch Video

Amazon smart phone rumors: we could see a ‘Kindle Phone’ in 2012

Rumors of an Amazon-branded ‘Kindle Phone’ are solidifying, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that suppliers are testing components already. But would an Amazon phone make sense for customers?

New rumors suggest Amazon might be working on its own smart phone. Amazon will likely release a new version of its Kindle Fire tablet soon, as well, to compete with Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, shown here in the hand of a Google employee…

Developers are apparently fleeing BlackBerry

Interest in the BlackBerry OS has ebbed to a new low, All Things D reports. RIM, unsurprisingly, takes issue with that — by highlighting “amazing” new apps for the, uh, not-exactly-hot Playbook.

Citing a recent survey of 200 developers (from a sample set of 4,300) by Baird Equity Research, Paczkowski wrote that developer interest in working on BlackBerry OS versions 7 and 10 are at a n all time low.

Baird researchers polled developer sentiment towards all major mobile platforms based on a 10-point scale with 10 marked as “excellent” and everything below that trailing down to “poor.

New iOS hack yields in-app freebies

A new exploit gives users free access to digital content within iOS apps, content that normally costs money.
A new exploit aimed at iOS devices enables users to gain free access to paid content within applications, thereby circumventing built-in security measures.

The hack, which was detailed by a Russian programmer and picked up by 9to5mac this morning (via i-ekb.ru), uses a proxy system to send purchase requests to third-party servers
to send purchase requests to third-party servers where they are validated and sent back to the application as if the transaction had gone through.

However before that happens, users need to install special security certificates on their device, as well as be on a Wi-Fi network.



Nvidia confirms hackers swiped up to 400,000 user accounts

Nvidia today warned users that its developer forums had been hacked and up to 400,000 user accounts had been compromised.

As a precautionary measure, the company has taken down five of its websites.

Earlier today, Nvidia announced its developer forums were hacked this week and that the following user information was compromised by unauthorized third parties: usernames, e-mail addresses, hashed passwords with random salt value, and public-facing “About Me” profile information.
The accounts in question belonged to users of the Nvidia Forum, Developer Zone, and Research Site.



Next home for Retina: Apple’s TV display?

Apple’s focus on display tech is driving it to make an HDTV, says Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate.

So, why would Apple make an HDTV? If you’re looking for another reason, here’s one.

I queried Raymond Soneira, the founder, president, and CEO of DisplayMate Technologies, earlier this week about the timing of the upcoming 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro.
Though he wasn’t able to address that question, he did give a pretty good answer about why he thinks Apple is going Retina.




FBI Blocks Users Access To The Internet Infected With Malware

Over a quarter of a million people will lose Internet access on Monday


 Are You Infected With DNSChanger Malware?

Is your computer infected with the DNSChanger malware? You might want to double check because come July 9, you might lose access to the Internet.

 Stats released last month suggested that more than 300,000 unique IP addresses were still affected by DNSChanger, according to a Wednesday blog post from F-Secure. The large majority, or almost 70,000, were in the U.S.


Check Your System For Malware Here>>>


Rumors of a 7.85-inch iPad Mini ramp up; Mass production reportedly slated for September

Rumors of an iPad Mini that is.

For months now, rumors of an iPad with a 7.85-inch screen have been circulating through the blogosphere. And though Steve Jobs once said that 7-inch tablets are “dead on arrival,” the relative success of the Amazon Kindle Fire and other smaller tablets suggests that consumers are more than willing to accept a smaller screen size in exchange for a cheaper buy-in point.



How to protect your kids on Facebook


Ensure you and your child have a fun and safe experience with Facebook

Facebook: Like it or loathe it, you just can’t ignore it.

 Millions of people use Facebook every day for a myriad of functions, and this includes your kids.

While it can be fun to update status messages and IM friends and play social games, it must be acknowledged that the internet is an increasingly dangerous place to inhabit these days…

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Blows Up; Samsung Finds that it’s user error, owner admits it was his fault

Samsung finds exploding Galaxy S III was due to ‘external source’, owner says it was a ‘mistake’

Remember the melted Samsung Galaxy S III that surfaced in an Irish forum a few weeks ago? Samsung said they were looking into it and, along with a third party investigation, have decided it occurred as a result of “external energy” being applied to the device, not anything from within the phone itself.



Simple tips for getting the most out of your Galaxy S III smartphone camera


One of the best features of the new Samsung Galaxy S III is the 8-megapixel camera on the back.

Not just because it’s so megapixel-tastic, but because it takes pictures fast, records video in up to 1080p, and has enough settings to satisfy the more discriminating shutter bug.


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Fire Fox VS Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Chrome Instant means your Web page is ready to read before you finish typing the address. This, its speed, minimalist design, and advanced support for HTML5 have deservedly been attracting more and more users to the browser. New hardware acceleration makes Chrome a speed maven at any task.




Google Chrome for iOS (iPad) review

With the beta version of Chrome for Android being introduced a while ago I’m happy to report that Chrome for iOS (iPhone and iPad) has made it into the Apple AppStore (free download link).

  • It’s a must download app, if you ask me, and I’m going to tell you why I believe that.




How Windows 8′s Secure Boot Feature Works & What It Means for Linux

Whether you plan on using Windows 8 or not, everyone buying a PC in the future will end up with the Microsoft-driven Secure Boot feature enabled. Secure Boot prevents “unauthorized” operating systems and software from loading during the startup process.

  • Secure Boot is a feature enabled by UEFI – which replaces the traditional PC BIOS

For those who missed it, a quick recap on what’s coming our way: Basically, future Windows 8 hardware will come with the Secure Boot technology enabled in the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), meaning that only operating systems with an appropriate digital signature will be able to boot.




 What Is TrueCrypt and Why Should I Use It?

TrueCrypt is an on-the-fly encryption application that allows you to work with encrypted files as you would work on files located on a regular drive. Without on-the-fly encryption, actively working with encrypted files is an enormous pain and the outcome is…READ MORE>>>


Android Firefox: Screaming, awesome, you’ll go blind etc


Really my dears, you’ll wear yourselves out

Updated Mozilla has galloped a new version of Firefox for Android out of the gates just ahead of the expected full launch of Chrome on mobes later this week.

The open-source firm has had a version of its popular browser on little green phones since 2010, but it hasn’t lit many Google-mobe-lovers’ fires so far.

Chrome has been available in beta since February, but only on Android mobes running Ice Cream Sandwich (version 4.0).



Apple quietly stops touting the fact that it has a virus-free platform

The half-a-trillion dollar company finally admits that its software isn’t bulletproof

It’s been one of the key selling points of Macs for years: Computers made by Apple simply don’t get viruses, right? Well, unfortunately, recent computer virus outbreaks (yes, that’s outbreaks with an “S”) have proven Macs to be vulnerable, and as a result, Apple is quietly scrubbing its site of its anti-viral claims.



Microsoft’s new tablet: the great copier surfaces again

Does the world really need another tablet?

Microsoft finally revealed this week that it will introduce its own tablet called Surface. The Microsoft tablet — still in prototype form only — looks sleek and slick with a built-in stand and a thin cover that doubles as a keyboard.

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iPad vs Microsoft Surface: Tablet specs compared

Microsoft’s back in the tablet race, folks.

Monday the company pulled back the curtain on a small family of slates called Surface. Available in two flavors — one all business for a full-featured install of Windows 8 Pro and another with Windows RT for mobile processors — Surface is the tech behemoth’s answer to the Apple iPad.

  • But how do the new Windows-based slates compare to Apple’s high-selling game changer?

Well, for starters, the Surface are both larger machines. The screens measure in at 10.6-inches (with what’s described to be full HD resolutions in Microsoft’s press materials).

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How Windows 8′s Secure Boot Feature Works & What It Means for Linux

Whether you plan on using Windows 8 or not, everyone buying a PC in the future will end up with the Microsoft-driven Secure Boot feature enabled. Secure Boot prevents “unauthorized” operating systems and software from loading during the startup process.

  • Secure Boot is a feature enabled by UEFI – which replaces the traditional PC BIOS

For those who missed it, a quick recap on what’s coming our way: Basically, future Windows 8 hardware will come with the Secure Boot technology enabled in the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), meaning that only operating systems with an appropriate digital signature will be able to boot.




How To Hide Passwords in an Encrypted Drive Even the FBI Can’t Get Into


What Is TrueCrypt and Why Should I Use It?

  •  TrueCrypt is an on-the-fly encryption application that allows you to work with encrypted files as you would work on files located on a regular drive.

Without on-the-fly encryption, actively working with encrypted files is an enormous pain and the outcome is usually either that people simply do not encrypt their files or they engage in poor security practices with their encrypted files because of the hassle of decrypting/encrypting them.

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 Topics For Sunday June 24th

Review: Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S III

The next big Samsung smartphone is here — and it’s a giant.

  • The newest version of the wildly popular line — called the Galaxy S III — is a gorgeous, complex, amazing device.

And it goes on sale as early as Thursday with some major service provider at $199, a price bound to fire up sales.

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Topics For 06-17-12

Google Chrome vs. IE10 on Windows 8 Metro

By Woody Leonhard

Google just released a special build of Chrome to work with Windows 8.

Take a look at what a Metro-style app can do when not constrained by Metro conventions

Want to see what a Windows 8 Metro-style app can do when it isn’t constrained by the usual Metro conventions?



Topics For 06-17-12

Apple Shows Off Air-Like MacBook Pro, iOS 6, Mountain Lion and More

Apple kicked off its Worldwide Developers Conference by announcing a redesigned MacBook Pro that’s nearly as thin as a MacBook Air–with a Retina display to boot.

The company also announced iOS 6–the latest version of its iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad software–and some more features for Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

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Apple kicks Google Maps off iPhone, adds Facebook

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Steve Jobs’ vendetta against Google remains alive, eight months after the Apple co-founder died feeling betrayed by a company he once embraced as an ally.

Apple is escalating the feud between two of the world’s most influential companies by dumping Google’s mapping service as a built-in feature on most iPhones and iPads. Apple is also making it easier for users of those devices to share their lives on Facebook instead of Google’s competing social network.





IE10 on Windows 8: Even Microsoft can’t make it work

Windows 8 and its two-faced version of Internet Explorer will bring all sorts of problems, as altercation with a Metro app vividly demonstrates…

If your company has an outward-facing website, you’re probably braced for the enormous changes that will come when Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8 hit in a few months.



 Topics For 06-17-12

iPhone 4 owners will be forced to upgrade to get Apple’s turn-by-turn directions


Likely coming as a disappointment to millions of iPhone 4 owners in the United States, Apple won’t be enabling all the features of iOS6 on smartphones older than the iPhone 4S.


As detailed within the fine print buried at the bottom of Apple’s iOS6 information page, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS owners won’t be able to take advantage of turn-by-turn …. Read more:


Topics For June 10th

on{X}: The Coolest Thing to Happen to Android.

Courtesy of… Microsoft Israel?

Look at your Android phone! Now back at this post!

Imagine you could program your Android to text your wife when you left work. Now imagine your Android reminding you in the morning to grab your umbrella if it’s going to rain later in the day.

Now look back at your Android Phone!

Now look at Microsoft!

Wait, what? Microsoft?

That’s right, your favorite Redmond techno-giant is sitting on a horse. Backwards.

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Drop Box

Simplify Your Life

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!


Buy an Xbox 360 for $99!

Microsoft Expands $99 Subscription Xbox Program To Best Buy And GameStop

Earlier this month, Microsoft decided to try something a little different when it came to selling the Xbox 360.

Their plan: to kick off a pilot program under which customers could shell out a mere $99 for a shiny new 4GB Xbox 360 and a Kinect, provided they inked a two-year subscription deal to Xbox Live Gold.

Now, it seems the time has come for that pilot program to spread its wings.

Microsoft recently announced that later this month, all Best Buy stores and certain GameStop locations would be selling those subscription-friendly Xbox 360s.



Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders–and makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at home, at work, or on the



Google Drive

Google Drive. Keep everything. Share anything.

Access everywhere.

Google Drive is everywhere you are—on the web, in your home, at the office and on the go. So wherever you are, your stuff is just…there. Ready to go, ready to share. Get started with 5 GB free.



Microsoft hopes to enhance games, TV with Xbox SmartGlass

Los Angeles (CNN) — What if your video-game console, TV, tablet and smartphone all worked together to enhance gaming, movies and TV shows for you?

That’s what Microsoft envisions with Xbox SmartGlass, a system introduced Monday at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles.

The system is the most visible iteration yet of the future Microsoft hopes to build around Windows 8, its new operating system that promises to run seamlessly on PCs, tablets and smartphones

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Windows 8 Release Preview: What you should know


Two months after unleashing Windows 8 upon the world, Microsoft’s back with the latest step toward the release of the company’s next operating system: the Windows 8 Release Preview.

The new version was supposed to be released the first week in June, but Microsoft is apparently ahead of its development schedule — though that hasn’t stopped the leaks from coming fast and furious.


Free Kindle Fire GiveAway-

“No Purchase Necessary, No Games, or tricky Answers-Just Register To Win”

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Google Chrome Laptop

Opinion: Are Your Tried,Frustrated With Microsoft Windows Constantly Getting Viruses, Trojans? Wasting Good Internet Time Cleaning These Infections Off, Doing Security Updates & Keeping Your PC Clear of Infections…Maybe it is Time For a Change in Operating Software…Maybe With Google Chrome Operating System Your Troubles May Disappear.


Why Google’s Chrome OS finally feels like an operating system

By David Pierce | TheVerge.com

2012 is the year of Chrome OS — or so we’re told. When we spoke with Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Chrome, he told us that this is the culmination of “a long, slow march” for Google’s cloud-based operating system. One iteration was about getting people to understand what Chrome OS is; another was about seeding it to developers and OEMs. Now, Pichai said, Google’s trying to take Chrome OS mainstream.



Facebook Phone: Why Facebook May Join the Effort to Own Your Digital Soul

By Ian Paul,

This is the year of owning it all in the tech industry.

After years of speculation, major tech companies including Apple, Google, and Microsoft are finishing up their ecosystems that tie your music, photos, videos and documents to digital devices deeply integrated with online storage and sync.


Not wanting to be left out of the party, Facebook may soon be vying for a piece of that end-to-end dream with a Facebook-branded smartphone.



Previous Topics For Sunday 05-27-12

Wireless Security

For you home or business most use a home or business wireless router for the convenience of not being tied to a cable to access the internet.

Some just set their wireless routers to factory settings Ignoring the high security risk by doing the set it and forget it…

You may become a victim or accused of surfing child porn-sites by a criminal pedophile setting outside on your street accessing you wireless router and PC. Or even having your personal banking info and credit card info stolen by not having a professional computer security man lock down the needed wireless security settings…

mistaken-fbi-porn-raid-underscores-wi-fi-privacy-risks—Read the Story-


Secure Your Home Wireless Network for Free

It’s startling how easy it can be to swipe data from wireless networks.

I live in a townhouse, so I’m at close quarters with my neighbors.
It irks me when, for one reason or another, my Wi-Fi enabled notebook discovers nearby networks lacking any sort of security at all.



How to Tell If that Pop is A Rogue Anti-Malware Product

Are you getting a Virus warning popping up in the right bottom of your PC or Laptop’s Monitor, warning you that you have a serious trojan invading your Computer?

This could be a dangerous and fake Virus warning scanning you pc displaying fake infections while it uses a Keylogger App that steals every keystroke you’ve typed at your bank, social media websites, credit card purchases. Here is what to do….

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Five tools to tame your photo management chaos

FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer does red eye removal, resizing, retouching, cropping, and more. It has a full-screen mode, quick access to EXIF information, a thumbnail browser, and it can  handle multiple image file formats.



Topics 05-20-12

Ridiculously awesome iPad tips and tricks

Think you know your Apple tablet inside and out?

Oh, sure, you’re well aware of double-tapping the Home screen to see all open apps, enabling iCloud to wirelessly sync content between devices and how to group apps into folders – but there is a lot more to your beloved 9.7-inch iPad (from $499).

And so the following is a handful of lesser-known tips and tricks to getting the most out of your iPad.

If you have a few suggestions to share of your own, be sure to submit them in the Comments section below — so you get the credit for them.

Split keyboard

If you like to type while holding the iPad, simply press on the virtual keyboard with both thumbs and drag to each side of the tablet. You’ll then see the keyboard split into two, grouping the left and right portions of the keyboard together near the corner of the screen. Now, whether you hold the iPad vertically or horizontally, this makes it easier to type using your thumbs while holding the tablet at the same time — instead of trying to stretch your thumbs to reach letters in the middle, like G and H.

Speak to me

The new iPad doesn’t have Siri….READ MORE

Do you have a cracked screen on Ipad or Iphone Ipod? Click Here For Cell Phone Repairs!


 Listen to message From Computek_050512


Topic for 05-20-12

Back Up Your Data on a Windows PC

Nothing you do with a computer will ever be as important as making a solid backup. Hard drives crash, and when yours does, unless you have a backup, you’ll find yourself facing expensive data recovery services or worse: lost data.
Now that Windows 7 has been released, many Windows users will be looking to back up their documents and media before upgrading — an absolutely critical step.



 Back Up Your Data on a Mac

What You’ll Need

1) A Hard Drive. You should have a secondary hard drive of equal or greater capacity to the hard drive you want to back up.

2) Software. Some back up software from one of the third party vendors listed below. Or, if you’re Unix savvy, you can get by with rsync and cron, which are built in to Mac OS X. In this how to, we’ll just be looking at easy-to-use GUI solutions.

List of Backup Software

EMC (formerly Dantz) Retrospect (or Retrospect Express): Retrospect is a well-known Mac backup solution. A single-user desktop license is about $95, and it supports just about any type of storage, from high-end tape drives to optical media.




 Topics For 05-20-12

Five of the most addictive smartphone apps

Sonja Thompson

There are hundred of thousands of apps available, and some of them are literally irresistible. Here are five of the most addictive apps.

Did the app you can’t live without make the list?

One of the biggest appeals of upgrading to a smartphone is the apps. There are hundreds of thousands of apps available, covering a wide range of topics, and many of them are either free or inexpensive.

Zite - available for free for iOS, Android, and HP webOS
The Zite app is advertised as a “personalized magazine that gets smarter as you use it.” Perhaps this is one reason why TechRepublic’s editor in chief Jason Hiner is addicted to it – that is, to see if it truly gets smarter with increased usag…

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TOPICS FOR 05-13-12

ID Theft Prevention

Identity Theft: The Scope of the Problem

According to an October 2006 survey by Javelin Strategy & Research, more than 8.4 million U.S. adults were victims of identity theft in the preceding year.

While this crime takes many forms—from local vehicle break-ins and trash theft “it invariably leaves victims with the nightmare task of repairing the damage to their lives.

Types of harm from identity theft

A. Financial harm

There are many ways in which victims of identity theft may suffer direct financial harms, varying with the types of information that identity thieves obtain and the ways in which that information is used.

These include misuse of their existing credit cards and debit card accounts, opening new accounts (including credit or debit card, loan, and utilities) by criminals, issuance of government benefits or services in the victims’ names to unqualified individuals, and purchases of motor vehicles and other valuable items with the victims’ funds or credit…



Using files made easy with online storage

Moving digital files between your work and home computers can be a pain.

Add smartphones and tablet computers to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a giant headache.

Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft’s SkyDrive share many core features.



7 Ways to Help Prevent Identity Theft

 Stay on Top of Your Credit Report

Just like semi-annual teeth cleanings, consumers should make a point to check their credit score on a regular basis — ideally every three to four months, says Gail Cunningham, spokeswoman for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

You can get a free credit report every 12 months from each of the major credit bureaus, Equifax (EFX: 46.25, 0.17, 0.37%), Experian and TransUnion. Read More On Tech Tips Page



Topics For 05-06012

Is The PC or Laptop Dead?

Some believe Apple Ipad has Buried the PC and Laptops…

Have we really entered a post-PC world?

 We’re Going To Share 8 Things Tablets Still Can’t Do!

The new Apple iPad and its tablet rivals still come up short on a few important measures.

“When we’re talking about the post-PC world, we’re talking about a world where the PC is no longer the center of your digital world, but rather just a device.

We’re talking about a world where your new devices, the devices you use the most, need to be more portable, more personal, and dramatically easier to use than any PC has ever been.”

CEO blather?


Considering the success of smartphones and tablets.

 In 2011, Apple sold 172 million mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods, which made up 76% of the company’s revenues.

  •  iPad’s stunning success has helped the tablet infiltrate the workplace

As people use their mobile devices for tasks previously reserved for desktop and laptop PCs.

 So is it time to junk your PC for a post-PC device?

 Of course not--particularly if your daily chores require the type of heavy-lifting capabilities that PCs excel at, such as professional video editing or spreadsheet number-crunching.



FBI Updates Free Child ID App

The FBI Child ID App, which is currently available for use only on iPhones and only downloaded for free from the App Store on iTunes, was launched on August 5, 2011 as a tool for parents.

This free app, the first mobile application created by the FBI, provides a convenient place for parents to electronically store photos and vital information about their children so that information is readily available if needed.

The app also includes tips on keeping children safe, as well as specific guidance on what to do should a child go missing.

In response to user feedback, the Child ID App has been updated to include the following features:

  • Passwords: Parents now have the option of password protecting the application.

  • Photos: Parents can now add any pictures from their iPhone’s image library.

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 10 more ways to detect computer malware

1: Avira AntiVir

When they learned that my antivirus program is Avast!, several members mentioned I should give AviraAntiVir a try. According to trusted reviews, AntiVir scores well on malware-locating tests. It also rates high on prompt delivery of new signature files. Both are important, with the proliferation of zero-day malware, making AntiVir a good choice.

2: Emsi a-squared

Emsi a-squared is another member favorite.

I now understand why.

The anti-malware scanner was reviewed favorably in respected third-party surveys.

All of the reports mentioned a-squared’s user interface and fast scan times as valuable features.

Note: The free version of a-squared is only a scanner, so additional real-time protection is needed.

3: Microsoft Security Essentials

Security Essentials needs to be mentioned, even though it hasn’t been released yet. I couldn’t test it because I missed the beta cutoff. But a CIO friend of mine is running tests and likes it. Her only issue is the slow scan rate.

She also commented, “It’s about time Microsoft offered an antivirus application.” Her opinion makes sense. Having a built-in AV simplifies things and should eliminate problems like Windows Firewall did. There are plenty of rumors as to when Security Essentials will be released, all pointing to sometime in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Update: Microsoft Security Essentials is now available for download.

4: Microsoft Event Viewer

While I’m on Microsoft, I want to mention Microsoft’s built-in Event Viewer. It should be the first place to look if something appears to be wrong—    READ MORE>>>







 Your Printer Could Be a Security Sore Spot


By Eric Geier, PCWorld

Your network printer or copier can be a serious security liability.

After all, these machines often handle sensitive documents and information, and they could provide an access route to other computers on the network–so you don’t want a hacker to get at yours.

It’s time to take printer security seriously.



Topics For 04-29-12


 Which Facebook Apps Steal Your Data (and How to Stop Them)

By Dan Tynan                                                                                              


Wonder how much of your personal data Facebook apps like Cityville or Words With Friends are sucking down?

PrivacyScore has the answer.

The biggest privacy problem with Facebook isn’t Facebook itself, it’s Facebook’s apps.

There are more than 500,000 games, puzzles, quizzes and other time wasters in the Facebook platform, many of which exist for the sole purpose of sucking data out of your account.



Topics For 04-29-12


 Privacyscores for the other Web (Facebook)

Privacyscore brings transparency to Facebook apps

  • Browser tool warns users of privacy risks when apps ask for data

Santa Cruz, CA - PrivacyChoice today announced the launch of PrivacyscoreforFacebook, the first and only privacy guide to the Facebook app universe.

  • With Privacyscore, Facebook users can now see and instantly understand which apps protect their privacy and which don’t, and can know if they’ll be tracked and by whom.

  • Like a privacy warning system, the Privacyscore add-on shows users an instant privacy rating (0-100) for the apps they use, before they give the app permission to use their Facebook profile.


Topics For 04-29-12


Five free tools to keep your Windows PC running malware-free


Topics For 04-29-12


Five types of apps you should install on every new Windows desktop


 Topics For 04-29-12


Five apps for getting rid of aggravating crapware


Topics For 04-29-12


Official Google Blog

Introducing Google Drive… yes, really

Just like the Loch Ness Monster, you may have heard the rumors about Google Drive. It turns out, one of the two actually does exist.


Topics For May 6th 2012

8 Things Tablets Still Can’t Do!

Have we really entered a post-PC world?

The new Apple iPad and its tablet rivals still come up short on a few important measures.

The PC Still Has It

Apple CEO Tim Cook, at the March launch of the new iPad, opened his keynote by proclaiming that the “post-PC revolution” is upon us:

“When we’re talking about the post-PC world, we’re talking about a world where the PC is no longer the center of your digital world, but rather just a device. , READ MORE>>>



Topics For 04-22-12

1-Windows 7-gadgets-worth-sharing:


2-Surf The Internet Anonymously  & Be Invisible “Cocoon”


3.How to Fix a Windows Infection Using Linux:


4-Don’t be fooled by these 10 PC performance myths:


5-Will World War 3 Be Caused By Hacker



Topics For 04-14-12

Apple Developing Software to Remove Flashback Malware 

The malware is said to have infected over 600,000 Macs worldwide. While 3rd party tools have been developed to test for the infection, Apple reveals they are working on their own tool to detect and remove the software:

Apple is developing software that will detect and remove the Flashback malware.

 Read More>>>>


Topics for Sunday April 14th 2012

Nokia makes Lumia 900 free to all AT&T customers, now through April 21st

Now through April 21st, any AT&T customer who purchases a Lumia 900 will receive a $100 rebate from Nokia — effectively making the device free.

Ostensibly a gesture of goodwill from the Finnish manufacturer, which confirmed that a small number of early handsets shipped with faulty software that caused memory management issues and eventually data connectivity woes.

It insists this problem is now fixed, and that come April 16th, all affected consumers may swap their device at any AT&T store or merely download the update.

Previously, AT&T had announced a $100 mail-in rebate for new subscribers that’d purchased the Lumia 900, but thanks to Nokia, it’s now effectively free for all.

You might wanna jump on this one.

 Read More Here>>>>


Facebook Buys Instagram

 Instagram, Facebook And The Future

What is Instagram?

The premise behind Instagram is pretty simple: Snap a photo on your iPhone or Android, add a quirky filter, and share it across Instagram’s internal network or Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare.

Why Did Face Book Purchase Instagram?
The real question has to be one about Facebook’s reasons for buying Instagram in the first place.
Was it for the talent? Possibly.
Surely Facebook could have done something similar on its own. I don’t have a real answer myself, but I’m sure that whatever Facebook does, it won’t want, nor need Instagram to be a competitor to it. Especially if it isn’t generating cash.
There goes those ads again

 Recovery: the last step in total data security

 Windows 7′s Has four levels of built-in data protection, each with differing capabilities for preserving your data.

Now I’ll tell you how to dig the data out of your backups, whether it’s a single file, a folder — or even your entire drive contents.


This extensive, multipart data protection is easily the best ever built into Windows — possibly any desktop operating system.


Used properly, Win7′s tools can help you get closer to the Holy Grail of data management: the total prevention of data loss.


Stated more simply: Win7′s built-in, data-backup-and-recovery systems can ensure you might never again experience that awful “Oh, no!” feeling when you realize an important file has been incorrectly altered or deleted.




Secure Microsoft Windows XP Professional?

By Scott Lowe 

Securing Microsoft Windows XP Professional is a must no matter whether the personal computer involved is in a massive enterprise or your home office.

This How do I… tutorial walks you through 14 steps that will go a long way toward protecting your Windows XP system from outside attack.

However, XP users will not be able to take advantage of some of Vista’s new security features, such as user access control.

There are dozens of steps you can take to secure your Windows XP system; these
Listed Here Are 14 reasonable steps are designed to give you the most bang for your security buck.

 Step 1: Give yourself a password

A new Windows XP installation is password-less.

Read all the steps on our How To Page!



Topics for Sunday SOS 04-01By

Michael Gorman 


Seems like it was only yesterday that Microsoft took the wraps off version 1.0 of Kinect for Windows, putting the power of voice and gesture controls in the hands of the hoi polloi.

  • Now, the gang in Redmond has said that version 1.5 will be coming in May, and will bring 10-joint skeletal tracking to let the sensor bar work while users are seated.

  • The update also includes Kinect Studio, an app that allows devs to record, play and debug clips of users to fine tune their applications.

More Here:


AT&T Galaxy Note review

By Tim Stevens 

It was once said that if a phone or tablet used a stylus its hardware designers had blown it.

  • It was also said that if the software on that device contained a task manager that coders had similarly missed the mark.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T contains what many would consider a stylus and, if you hold down the Home button, you’re presented with what can only be described as a task manager.

So the Galaxy Note, Samsung’s massive 5.3-inch “superphone,” is critically flawed then, right?

No. It is, in fact>>>> More Here>>>>


OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) in-depth preview

By Brian Heater 

You can bid farewell to the days of Apple’s theatrical OS reveals — at least until OS 11 rears its head, anyway.

In the meantime, the outfit has seemingly been content to strip away more and more pomp and circumstance with every subsequent big cat release.

Lately, the company has settled into an evolutionary release schedule, eschewing full-fledged makeovers in favor of packing in lots of smaller changes, many of them quite granular indeed.


 Top Windows 7 Top Gadgets

By Debra Littlejohn Shinder

Windows 7 gadgets offer added functionality and convenience in a variety of ways. Here are a few you may want to add to your desktop.

Way back in 2008, I wrote an article titled The top 10 Vista Sidebar Gadgets. Now it’s 2010 and I’m running Windows 7, and although I still use most of the gadgets I was using back then, I’ve also discovered a few new ones that deserve mention. Here are my favorites.

1: All CPU Meter

The gadget I used to monitor my dual-core computer running Vista wasn’t available in a quad-core version, so I switched to All CPU Meter..

It supports up to eight cores (so I have room to grow).

All CPU Meter isn’t as complex as some MORE HERE>>>





Confirmed New iPad’s heat a non-issue

Topic For 34/25/12

Yes, the new iPad runs warmer than its predecessor.

But it’s no hotter than your average laptop, and not extreme enough to change our overall opinion of the device.

The new 2012 iPad runs warmer than the iPad 2, but it’s no hotter than many laptops under similar conditions.

That’s the conclusion after hours of testing in CNET’s San Francisco and New York Labs, all of which are detailed below.

We’re continuing to test a variety of aspects on the iPad, including heat output, wireless performance, and other features. But–so far, at least–the operating temperature is no reason for CNET to change its buying recommendation (the new iPad is currently the highest rated tablet on our site, and an Editors’ Choice).

Read More Here


Outlook 15 Gets Ready for Touch Tablet

Topic for 03-25-12

By Ian Paul, PCWorld

The next version of Outlook, part of Office 15, is all about touch and unification with other Microsoft products including native Hotmail and social networking integration, a new feature called Peek, a Windows Phone-style “People” menu, and touch optimization. That’s my takeaway from Paul Thurrott’s look at the Outlook 15 preview, as part of the Windows-focused blogger’s sneak peek at the next version of Microsoft Office. While Outlook 15 is still a traditional desktop app, several changes appear to be preparing the way for users to access the program on a touch tablet.

Office 15 is still in private beta and so there may still be some changes before Outlook 15 is ready for prime time, but here’s a look at some of the highlights.


Apple dissing Siri on iPad is a big mistake

Topic for 03-11-12 SOS Talk Show

Apple’s decision to keep its popular personified assistant off the iPad robs consumers of practical tools that Google tabletsalready have. Moreover, Apple disrupts its iOS identity


CD, DVD or SD: what’s best for backups?
Topic for 03-11-12 SOS Talk Show
Emailed by One Of Our ListenersLike most of us, Sharon Miller wants to re-organise and set up a better backup system for the family’s files.What’s the best approach?I have just been re-reading your article on Backing up digital photos, and would like your opinion of using DVD-RAM discs for this purpose. I have used these for DVD recording and they seem to work well without any initialisation or finishing faff.

Phishing Emails

Today we would like to draw your attention to phishing mails.

We hope that this will help to keep your data safe.

This kind of spam doesn’t seem dangerous as they look trustworthy.

People with bad intentions put a lot of effort into so that they appear to be from business firms that you can trust and know.

But once you send your personal data to this address the cyber criminal can access all your information.

 Another critical risk happens when you click on any link in a phishing-email, because you will be “allowing”the execution and installation of a virus on your computer.

        How to recognize phishing email messages, links, or phone calls

Phishing email messages, websites, and phone calls are designed to steal money. Cybercriminals can do this by installing malicious software on your computer or stealing personal information off of your computer.

Cybercriminals also use social engineering to convince you to install malicious software or hand over your personal information under false pretenses.

They might email you, call you on the phone, or convince you to download something off of a website.

What does a phishing email message look like?

Here is an example of what a phishing scam in an email message might look like.



Listen to Sean O and Jack Rowland in Las Vegas:

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Las Vegas Recorded Show-01-12-2012

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Sunday 01-01-12

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The 12 (Cyber) Scams Of Christmas  2011

By TechPal

A recent National Retail Federation (NRF) survey, dated October 19, found that 52.6 percent of U.S. consumers who own a smartphone said they will be using their device for holiday-shopping related activities—whether it’s to research products, redeem coupons, or purchase holiday gifts.

Read More Here:



Better Be Safe Then Sorry

How to avoid online scams

WHILE MOST people are winding down for the holidays, the scammers are only getting started.

To ensure you are as protected as possible from online scams, here are a few tips:

Keep your computer’s anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware programs up to date.

If your computer does get attacked, they will give you some level of protection.

If you receive e-mails asking you to confirm passwords and personal details, check with the company in question.

It may be a phishing attack, where people are tricked into revealing confidential information to what they think is a legitimate source.

Check for anything that seems out of place – misspellings, bad graphics, free web-based e-mail addresses.

As tempting as it is, don’t use the same password for all your online accounts.

If you fall victim to a phishing scam, at least you won’t have given them access to everything.

Be wary of e-mails with attachments from unknown senders. If in doubt, don’t open it.

Think twice on social networking sites.

If you see a promotion claiming to be from a company, check it out before you share it to your Facebook wall or Twitter feed.

You may be unwittingly helping to spread a scam.

Be aware of your smartphone security.

Android, for example, is being targeted by an increasing number of scams that collect personal information and take money out of your pocket by sending text messages from your account.

Free iPads, cut-price smartphones – all offers we’ve seen around the web.

But do your homework before you sign yourself up to something you may regret.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is






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  • Richard says:

    Today (5/13) you were talking about surfing and websites that track where you go, a caller mentioned a good program to stop/hide visited websites, how about providing links to your recommended sites so I can find them on your website. This way I don’t have to remember the address or write it down.

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