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If shy or you don’t want to call us & talk on the air, you can e-mail us @ host@soscomputertalk.com.

While we get hundreds of Emails daily requesting PC or Apple support, we will do our best to answer the emails as they come in.

Get faster answers by sending a text messages to Chris or Sean during show times…

(See Numbers Listed By Name Below)

We will then answer your question on the air.

Give us a call during scheduled show times, Tampa- 813-289-1860-   877-969-8600 (Toll Free)

“Please only call during show hours”.

Call After Show hours-

“Sean O”      727-466-6242 or send text messages

Chris Lawson       813-695-2351 or send text messages


Missed The Show, & Computer Problems Got You Frustrated,  Computer or Laptop Running Slow, Disconnecting From The Internet?

Listen To Our Archives On Talk Radio 860 WGUL

Call Us After The Show For Computer Support.

We Can Answer or Even Fix Your PC Problems…

Christopher Lawson with PC Doctor of Tampa Bay

Chris Supports All Versions of Microsoft Windows,Windows Server and Apple & answers questions on Android Smart Phones. IPad 2 Tablet.

Provides Administrator Services On Businesses Network Servers, Routers, Switches and Much More

Phone: 813-695-2351 (Send Text)

Visit Chris’s Website @ http://pcdoctoroftampabay.com

Email: @  Chris@pcdoctoroftampabay.com


“Sean O”

Supports All  Recent Versions of Microsoft Windows…

Laptop & Desktop Specialist, Virus, Worms, Trojan Removals.

“Cracked LCD Laptop & Cell Phone Screens”

Microsoft Technician, Providing Support On Laptops & Home & Business PC’s, Software Upgrades, Hardware Replacements, LCD Laptop Monitor Installs, Wireless Printers, Wireless Router Security Setups And Much More.

Call Sean, for all your Computer, Microsoft Windows Issues

Tampa: 813-818-9075-Pinellas: 727-466-6242 (Send Text)

Visit Sean’s Website @ http://www.computb.com

Email Sean  @ talkshowhost82@yahoo.com


Steve AKA:

Professor Windows with Selcor Network Solutions 727-586-1241

Microsoft Administrator, Business Network Servers and Much More.



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