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Fight For Your Privacy Rights, The New Technology Embedded On The Licenses (RFID) Is Broadcasting Your Most Private Info To Hackers and All of Your Info Brought in To Florida’s DMV Were Scanned Into a Contracted Government Data Base That Was Hacked Recently!

Real ID/ National ID/Federalized ID, Is a Direct Violation of Your 4th and 10th Amendment Rights, Forced On You By Big Brother Ignoring The Constitution 10th amendment. State of Florida Has Statues Providing Protection Of All Florida Resident Privacy Rights Plus Has In Its Constitution Following The 1oth Amendment and 4th. But Yet Violates Your Rights Forcing All of Florida Citizens to Comply with an Illegal law.

You can Stop Senator Drake The Transpertation Director, By Sending Him A Message  Voting Him Out Of Office if He Continues Blocking

Bill 1223 Jan. 24th.

You Can Vote and Protest This Illegal Drivers License & the Mountain Of Paper Work Being Scanned Into Data Base…

Read the Attached PDF

The REAL ID Act is a law passed by Congress in 2005.

It makes the States change the way they issue ID cards and driver licenses.

It imposes numerous requirements on the States, and more importantly the citizens of those states. Here in Florida, what this means is when you go to renew your driver license or change your name (such as due to divorce, marriage, etc.)  you have to provide a laundry list of documents.

These include but are not limited to certified copies of your birth certificate or passport, your Social Security card, proof of address such as your power/utility bill, your mortgage coupon book, etc.

All of the details have been laid out by the State of Florida on a website called Gather Go Get.

Once you have provided this information, it is then scanned into a database and retained by the state. By Federal law (the REAL ID Act), this information is to be shared with other states.


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