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Mike Bender Tampa Fl

23Yrs Old

Sean O on SOS Computer Talk Show is fun to listen too, Plus
He’s the first show that sucked me into the SOS Computer Technology Talk Show On Talk Radio WGUL. I found The Co Host, Chris and Jack Roland surprisingly entertaining… since I’m 23 it was a bit of a shock to find that this talk show host makes Mrs. Kim (Somebody)  Computer Talk Show look bad… partly because they doen’t drone on and on in that monotone voice Lol.

Sean O is quite the Character and seemingly enjoyable to listen to, occasionally razor sharp on the point.
Larry Watts
68 years Old.
Clearwater, Fl,

As a senior and technically challenged, I’ve always enjoyed listening to SOS somputer technology talk show On talk radio 860 WGUL.  I can learn how to use my Laptop with Windows 7 on it and fix minor problems when they happen.


Ken Watermen
N.Port Richie
42 years Old

Seam O is bright, full of laughs and gags on the foolishness  that some people do to their computers….but his joking is just in clean fun.
Sean O has a great sense of humor and mixes it well with solid views and opinions. I love how he breaks down the tech tips  and the news stories into the laughing matters that they sometimes are.
Martain Charles
Tampa FL
37 years Old
Anyone who has criticized this show on this site has probably not listened closely to the show very much or is just opposed to anyone who afraid of change and techically challenged.

The SOS Computer Talk Show  with Sean O and their Co Host Chris PC Doctor, Steve & Jack Rowland  are amazing and they makes a lot of sense.
Cheryl Myers
Tampa, Fl
28 Yrs old
I work early morning shift at Denny’s Resturant get off in time for listening to the SOS Computer Talk Show
Five stars to counter these guys on the show. I liked listening to these guys on the drive home from work.
I was guarenteed learning one new  about my Iphone how the apps work,  and at least one laugh.


Benjiman Santos
Oldsmar, Fl.
28 yrs old

I come from Costa Rica, my english no good…Sean O is an phenomenal talk show host. he’s entertaining, funny, very bright and lacks the computer geekie chatter many other wind bags on the air have.
Brenda Havens,
Brandon, Fl.
42 yrs old
“It’s no accident I found you on the dial. Computer TechnologyTalk what a great way to end a perfectly wonderful Sunday After noon, Very educational and I know more about how to use my Iphone apps then I ever did…Thank You guys on the SOS Computer Technology Talk Show.
“Thank You for Sean O & Chris, Jack for enlightening me on my Ipad2. I tuned in to the Sunday SOS Computer Technology Talk Show .
Thank all of you and talk radio 860 WGUL am radio for this non geeky talk show.
Jay Seagrave
Tarpon Springs, Fl
30 Yrs, old
“Great show – - – awesome!”
“Sean O, Chris Lawson and Jack Roland  are the greatest!
Inspiring, uplifting, what a joy to find this kind of talk on the radio. Thanks for sharing, I have learned so much about using Microsoft Windows Vista.
Rod Thompson
44yrs Old
Saint Petersburg, Fl
I recently came across your show on the internet and am greatly impressed.
I’ve listened to several shows.
You guys keep it up…I am technically challenged with my new Apple Ipad2 and Iphone…Sean O and the Co-hosts
Chris, Steve, Jack Make it very easy to understand whenever they share tech tips or topics on Apple…no techy Chatter
on this show.

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  • Lewis Brinin says:

    I enjoy listening to your show. I cannot listen every single week but I try to listen regularly
    I have a question too. I have an old HP a6700y and I am wondering whether its worth sprucing up or just take it to MicroStar and let them recycle it and get a newer model Dell or HP
    There is nothing wrong with it, its just tepid. I understand it has onchip audio and video and would improve if I replace integrated audio and video with cards. Of course on the net everyone has an opinion and you can spend years reading everyone dis everything if you give it enough time. I am a musician and play with an orchestra so better sound would be good, Do you have a recommendation for a good sound card for classical music, both listening and recording myself playing??

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